Week 14 was one of the craziest week's ever. Snow made things interesting throughout the entire league and come from behind wins were common. It was another big week in our Pro Football Pick'em as we had our most correct picks of the season this past week! With 14 correct picks and just two incorrect picks, Steve Holmes was the winner this week!. Steve won a pair of tickets to an upcoming Tri-City Americans game this season!

With is win this week, Steve has vaulted himself just four games out of fist place. The battle between the Travis' continues as Haas was able to score 13 correct picks this week to take the overall #1 spot over Hunt. Just a couple weeks remain...who is going to make a run and knock off the leader?!


1) Travis Haas - 139
2) Travis Hunt - 138
3) Mathew Vowels - 137
4) Steve Holmes - 135
5t) Roy Robles - 134
5t) Tim Holloway - 134

The 97 Rock crew in Week 14: I thought I would give AJ and Iceman a little chance to catchup, so I didn't make my Sunday morning picks. AJ took advantage, but Iceman slacked off and didn't make his picks at all. I guess that's what I get for trying to help him out. I managed five correct picks, AJ double me up at 10, and Iceman was scoreless. That brings my total to 116 correct, AJ has 102, and Iceman sits lonely at 85.

At the end of the season, who ever has the most correct picks will score a 42" television! Plus they will have a chance to win $10,000 if they can correctly predict the score of the big game on February 2. Even if you missed out on Week 1, you can still play each and every week for other great prizes like concert and event tickets, gift cards, and whatever else we can swindle out of the 97 Rock Private Stash.