Even though a lot of you picked them to win this week, who would have guessed at the beginning of the season that Miami would be among the undefeated teams after Week 3? We were all on the mark on one game as everyone chose the no brainer of Seattle over Jacksonville.

The 97 Rock Pro Football Pick'em is now in full swing as we've got a few weeks of picks totaled up. 13 was the most correct picks once again and this week Steve Holmes sat alone at the top of the pack. Steve picked up a pair of weekend passes to the Three Rivers Tattoo Convention! Tim Holloway, one of the winners of Week 2, remains in the lead for the 42" television with 35 correct picks through the first three weeks!

I struggled this week with just 6 correct picks, while Iceman totally fell off with just 3 correct picks and AJ had 9 correct this week. AJ now has a little bit of a lead with 28 correct picks, I have 25 and Iceman is at 21.

At the end of the season, who ever has the most correct picks will score a 42" television! Plus they will have a chance to win $10,000 if they can correctly predict the score of the big game on February 2. Even if you missed out on Week 1, you can still play each and every week for other great prizes like concert and event tickets, gift cards, and whatever else we can swindle out of the 97 Rock Private Stash.