Yesterday was another chance to score a prize pack from Monster Energy Drink via the 97 Rock Facebook page with Monster Monday! We play a simple game or ask a question that anyone can play along with.

This week, we asked to share your favorite music videos. The randomly selected winner is AJ Beebe who said his favorite video was Korn 'Freak on a Leash'.

Here are your favorite videos submitted yesterday. Make sure you like the 97 Rock Facebook page for your chance to win next week. You can continue this list by dropping your favorite video down in the comments below.

Russell Kofoed - Avenged sevenfold 'Bat Country'

Warren Knight - Bloodhound Gang 'Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo'

The Brad - Metallica 'One'

Nadia Rhodes - Nine Inch Nails 'Closer'

Josh Croshaw - Breaking Benjamin 'The Diary of Jane'

John C Kerr - Shinedown 'Simple Man Live in Kennewick, WA'

Alex Nelson - In This Moment 'Blood'

Dakota Lingar - Deftones 'Change'

Chris Baker - Five Finger Death Punch 'Remember Everything'

Robert Stewart - Foo Fighters 'Learn to Fly'

Lonnie Smith Jr. - Guns N Roses 'Estranged'

Kim Suchodolski - Slipknot 'Snuff'

Travis Hunt - Queens of the Stone Age 'No One Knows'

Lisa Daniel - Megadeth 'Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)'

Tamara Thompson - Nickleback 'This Afternoon'

Stevi Marie Cruz - Shinedown 'Sound Of Madness'

AJ Beebe - Korn 'Freak On a Leash'

Christopher Esquivel Rivera - Upon a Burning Body 'Intermission'