97 Rock is extremely excited to announce the official lineup for this year's 6th Annual 97 Rocktoberfest event at TRAC on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013.


Nasty Jack

Three weeks ago we were proud to announce and welcome back to the Stateline Polaris stage local boys Nasty Jack. Nasty Jack has been a Rock N Roll staple in this town when it comes to cover bands and we know they will bring an intensity unmatched to get things going.

The Fail Safe Project


Once the stage cools off from Nasty Jack, our boys The Fail Safe Project from Spokane will visit the Rocktoberfest stage for the first time and it will be something they will never forget. Just recently signed by Eclipse Records Jimmy, George, Lenny, Joel and Tony will continue to bring the energy. Check out The Fail Safe Project from the Uproar Tour in Spokane, WA.


True 2 Crue


Finally we welcome the World's Premiere Motley Crue Tribute Band, True 2 Crue.

No other tribute to Motley Crue more closely captures the live Motley Crue show and experience than TRUE 2 CRUE! From the look of the band, the sonic energy to the perfection of the music, nothing is overlooked...you will swear its 1985 all over again!

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