While A Day to Remember may have broken through at radio and delivered something a little more catchy with 'All I Want' from their last album, the band still knows how to rock and they show it with the release of the new song, 'Violence (Enough Is Enough).' The blistering cut finds frontman Jeremy McKinnon returning to full scream while the rest of the band provide a furious backing to the song.

McKinnon spoke with Revolver about 'Violence' and he says that the track was inspired by some of the horrible acts that people commit against each other. The vocalist explains, "I was just trying to talk about different perspectives from the world and why people do terrible things to each other. It started out, to me, feeling like you're helpless. It felt like everything is so much bigger than you -- there are people above you no matter where you go. That kind of control of what you can and can't do. It's really not meant to be political as it might sound -- that's just never been our band. But it's that feeling that things are out of your hands. I wanted it to have this dark, ominous feeling."

At present, A Day to Remember are doing their best to finish up their next album, tentatively titled 'Common Courtesy.' For those who worry about the band going mainstream after the success of 'All I Want,' the singer adds, "A lot of bands, when they get popular, they tend to drop the whole heavier portion of their music. It's almost like the people who like that music are just waiting to pounce on you the second you do it. We're gonna have more heavier songs than on the past two records together." However, that being said, McKinnon says that A Day to Remember is a band who enjoys varying their styles and there will be a little bit of everything on top of the harder material for their next set.

The group is currently getting their 2013 tour plans in order. Dates and cities have been revealed for their first major U.S. trek in support of the upcoming album, but the band has yet to reveal the venues for the shows. They've also confirmed their participation in Freehold, N.J.'s Skate & Surf Festival, which takes place May 18-19 after their spring trek.

Listen to A Day to Remembers 'Violence (Enough Is Enough)'

A Day to Remember 2013 Tour Dates (Venues Still to be Announced)
3/20 -- Atlanta, Ga.
3/22 -- Philadelphia, Pa.
3/23 -- Albany, N.Y.
3/24 -- Worcester, Mass.
3/26 -- New York, N.Y.
3/27 -- Buffalo, N.Y.
3/28 -- Pittsburgh, Pa.
3/30 -- Detroit, Mich.
3/31 -- Grand Rapids, Mich.
4/5 -- Milwaukee, Wis.
4/6 -- Chicago, Ill.
4/7 -- Minneapolis, Minn.
4/9 -- Denver, Colo.
4/10 -- Salt Lake City, Utah
4/12 -- Seattle, Wash.
4/13 -- Portland, Ore.
4/15 -- San Francisco, Calif.
4/21 -- Pomona, Calif.
4/22 -- Phoenix, Ariz.
4/25 -- Houston, Texas
4/26 -- San Antonio, Texas
4/30 -- Nashville, Tenn.
5/2 -- Tampa, Fla.
5/3 -- Orlando, Fla.
5/4 -- Miami, Fla.
5/18-9 -- Freehold, N.J. -- Skate & Surf Festival