When I was 13, my parents had had enough of me and decided to send me to Project PATCH. It's a youth ranch in Idaho for "at-risk youth", and I was there for about a year. I wasn't as badass as the other kids there, and in fact, the other kids made fun of me because they felt I didn't really deserve to be there.

Among a literal ton of other strict rules (tweet me about it), boys and girls were separated into dorms and forbidden to talk to each other. As you know it would, curiosity and obsession set in and we would talk about the girls we liked. Granted, it was silly and desperate, but we did anyway. I was obsessed with this one girl, Giglianne. She was Brazilian, and she was beautiful.

When I was 14, I "graduated" the program, and went back home. I didn't really talk to a lot of the guys I knew there when I left. My best friend's cousin went to PATCH, and I actually see her a lot, but other than that, I don't talk to those kids. I was talking to one of them the other day, and he told me that one of the girls we knew had been dating a friend of Miley Cyrus. When he told me who it was, I had to find out. Giglianne Braga was on a Hulu TV show called "If I Can Dream", and had become a model. I did some more digging around to find that she had posed nude with her cast-mates for PETA. It's like a dream come true. One of the first girls I had little pre-pubescent lust for, baring it all years later for PETA.

Here it is, right here. Tell me what you think.