One year to the day of the fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano by Pasco police after he was throwing rocks at passers-by, cars, and police at 10th and Lewis-and he pulled Taser prongs out of his arm because he was high on meth- the ACLU issues a report.

The 12-page report was released Wednesday at a press conference. The report claims the Pasco Police Department lacks what they called "critical training," services for Spanish-speaking people are "inadaquate" and the public reportedly doesn't have any meaningful input into police practices.

The report also called into question the fatal shootings in 2014 of Brad Jensen and Matthew Stoddard. The ACLU claims the two men fatally shot were exhibiting signs of mental distress or disorder. They questioned whether the police officers are trained to deal with people who are emotionally or mentally ill.  However, they didn't offer any solutions as to how officers are supposed to discern this.

The report goes on to criticize virtually every aspect of the department, offering impractical solutions that many critics in other cities where the ACLU has issued similar 'reports' say are impractical, and don't work in real life situations.

It is also worth knowing the ACLU did NOT talk or consult with ANY police officials prior to issuing this report. Police policies and information are usually considered a matter of public record, so the ACLU was able to utilize them in creating the report.