Meet Amarynth, a Rhode Island SuicideGirl who loves to cook and digs hipbones. Save the cheesy pickup lines on this babe, fellas, because this babe says they turn her right off.

Name: Amarynth

Location: Providence, RI

Into: Tattoos, piercings, hipbones, cuddling, showers with others, art, photography, being outside, flowers, cooking, baking, eating, creating, walking, new experiences, travelling, vegetarians, girls, boys, adventures, unique cocktails, speaking Spanish

Not into: Smelly people, cheesy pickup lines, getting blown off, in-your-face carnivores, closed-minded people

Makes me happy: Sunshine, rain, lightning, cuddling, flowers, breakfast, coffee, going to shows, drinks with friends, cooking, drawing, going for walks, massages

Hobbies: Cooking, drawing, painting, writing poetry, baking, drinking, sewing, photography, dreaming

Five things I can’t live without: Coffee, vegetables, my dog, my iPhone, chocolate

Vices: massages, wine and incredible food

I spend most of my free time: Creating, whether it’s food or art

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