It's the only way to fly.

A little tune-up before the tarmac, maybe?

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has been cleared to welcome America's first SHOTS ONLY bar. Shots. That's it. Nothing else. One shot is $7, and a double is $10.

In the COVID-19 era of our existence, if you've done any traveling of any kind, you might have noticed the airlines streamlining their routes and adjusting, pardon the pun, on the fly, to save money, especially on fuel, as it doesn't make a lot of sense to do a route when there's a scarcity of passengers. Which leads to longer layovers if you're connecting, which leads to, 'hey, we've got some time to kill, in which terminal would one find that shots joint?' Concourse B, if you're scoring at home.

Dawn Hunter, the airport’s director of aviation commercial management, said in a statement that Sea-Tac's dining options have faced major changes since the coronavirus arrived in the U.S. She hailed new ideas like Shot Bar as a way to continue serving passengers.

"2020 was difficult for our airport and the businesses here due to the pandemic and its impacts on travel," Hunter said. "It is exciting to embrace innovations like Shot Bar to continue to create positive experiences for travelers during their journey."

Seattle During COVID-19 Shutdown

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