Anna Colwell is an actress, model, and TV host.  She has co-hosted shows on TBS and appeared in numerous commercials, feature films and TV shows.

Colwell is most recognized as the “cute girl” in the NFL Redzone commercial. That isn’t her best performance. She played a fantastic “Pretty Girl” in the movie ‘Killers‘ and followed that up with “Cute Girl In The Elevator” in ‘The Change-Up.’ So many adorable roles in such a short career. Anna is really going places. Probably a movie set to be a “Hot Chick” in the coffee shop, or dare we dream, the “Gorgeous Woman On Escalator Looking Annoyed While Star Of Movie Farts.” Smell that? It’s not movie star flatulence. It’s Oscar buzz.

Actually, Colwell next appears in the movie ‘The Greening Of Whitney Brown.’ She will play the role of…what the hell? Alicia? Her character has a name?!? She isn’t “Cute Alicia” or “Adorable Alicia That Will Only Let You Get In HER Redzone After A Couple Chocolatinis?” Huh. Good for her.