Embattled Tri-City businessman and entrepreneur Kristopher Lapp is now facing a third lawsuit related to allegations he illegally spent or misused hundreds of thousands of dollars while working as a subcontractor for Mission Support Alliance (MSA) at Hanford.

Now, according to court documents, the suits total some $1.8 million. This third suit is from E2 Consulting Engineers, a California company, claiming a non-payment of some $505,000 for services rendered.

The Hanford structure of contractors and sub-contractors is sometimes confusing, but under the umbrella of companies such as MSA and CH2MHill dozens of smaller companies often perform vital support services and contract work.

Lapp's own company, i-3Global of Kennewick, was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in Federal grant money, much it by way of MSA. It was supposed to use it to pay other firms that did support with and for them. Lapp and his company won a Department of Energy award in 2017, and he has been active in many Tri-Cities clubs, groups and committees.

The lawsuits accuse Lapp of non payment for services, and Columbia State Bank (one of the three who've filed suits) claims he has not paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars from a loan.

Apparently Lapp has not commented publicly on the suits, and has not returned calls from various news media outlets.

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