Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich may have finally found his soulmate for hatred of Internet downloading – within the Big 4 of thrash, no less. Anthrax axeman Scott Ian recently spoke with New Times about the decline of record sales, Anthrax fans “stealing” the band’s 10th studio album, ‘Worship Music’ and how illegal downloaders should be banned from the Internet.

When asked about ‘Worship Music’ selling 30,000 albums its first week and entering the Billboard charts at No. 12, the band’s highest debut in 20 years, Ian immediately began his tirade against illegal Internet downloading. “The fact that we sold 30,000 the first week and entered at No. 12 was awesome — for 2011,” Ian replied. “But to put it in perspective sales-wise, it just sucks that 30,000 is considered a huge success in 2011. It’s a double-edged sword because on one hand it’s like, “Woo-hoo, we did great,” but then it’s also like, “Yeah, but how many other people stole the record, and you should have sold 150,000 copies this first week?”"

Ian has debated many Anthrax fans about the issue on his Twitter page. “There is no argument. I’m not even going to get into that conversation,” exclaimed Ian. “You’re stealing! It’s stealing, that’s what it is. It’s not free for us to make these records. These records are on sale in many, many places where you can pay your money to buy the product that we are selling. Anything outside of that is stealing. There is no conversation to be had.”

Finally, when asked about what the punishment should be for Internet downloading, Ian responded, “You lose your Internet. That’s it, no more Internet for you. Seriously! Like you drive drunk, you lose the privilege of driving. You download illegally, you lose the privilege of having the Internet. The punishment fits the crime.”

Anthrax are currently touring the U.S. with fellow metal legends Testament and Death Angel. Click here for their latest tour dates.


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