Alleged Flasher Exposes Himself to Richland Children
Richland police say the incident occurred Wednesday. Two juvenile age girls were playing near Stevens Drive and Wilson streets in Richland around 3:45pm, when a man called out to them from his car nearby. He then exposed his genitals as they approached, and continued to do so as they got near the car. ...
Washington State’s 40 Most-Wanted Sex Offenders [PHOTOS]
The Washington State Department of Corrections lists 40 men, accused of everything from rape to communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, as the state's most-wanted sex offenders. Residents are warned not to approach any of the suspects and to call the Department of Corrections if they have any information about them.
Meanwhile in Canada: Drunk Guy Backflips Over Cop [VIDEO]
Over the weekend, this Ghostbuster decided to take his Halloween weekend to the next level by climbing onto a police cruiser and throwing a backflip over the cop. Amazingly idiotic and awesome all at the same time. This 'genius' Dr. Egon Spengler look-a-like pulled a stunt that would have made Dr. Peter Venkman proud.
Woman Busted for Driving on Sidewalk to Avoid Stopping for School Bus [VIDEO]
Even before you take Driver's Ed or get your permit to drive a vehicle, you know to stop for school buses. Mostly because they are covered in flashing lights and a sign that says STOP is sticking out of the side (which you can partially see in the photo). It really is obvious. Apparently this Cleveland woman didn't have time to obey the law or worry about others safety.

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