A bunch of Kennewick anti-maskers got together to do a little Sunday shopping without that pesky face thingy at Target and Craft Warehouse on Sunday.

First it was Target, then it was Craft Warehouse.

Apparently the idea was to spread the gospel of "we-should-be-able-to-exercise-our-right-to-shop-and-not-wear-a-mask."

Super, lets band together to bully our fellow Tri-Citians and local businesses who have every right to give them the heave ho. The anti-maskers were saying they have the right to not wear a mask. Yes, they absolutely have that right. So do it by yourself. Gathering en masse, forcing employees of businesses and citizens into uncomfortable situations for your "rights" does not work.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. Ever hear of that? Same thing for No Mask. No Mask? Don't shop here, just move along.

The Sunday afternoon began with a bunch of people without masks deciding to congregate inside Target and commence in making their point. They were asked to leave. They did. Then it was over to Craft Warehouse for the same manner of "protest."

Since the pandemic is still a very real thing, if you don't like the rules of engagement, then stay home. If you don't want to wear a mask, then don't. But banding together to ultimately harass and potentially put other people's health in danger by your unnecessary behavior? Nice ego. It's all about you.

The Craft Warehouse employees encouraged anyone in the group to take advantage of the company's curbside delivery program, but nah, the maskless, they're gonna show you, they'll just go inside, the whole lot, sans face coverings, to make their point.

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KPD officers responded to the scene after both businesses contacted them saying demonstrators failed to leave the store after being asked.

The point? Not sure. There were no arrests and everything remained peaceful. Tense and unnecessary, but peaceful.

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