The good news is Columbia Center Mall is open until 6 pm tonight. The bad news is it will be slim pickins as far as merchandise goes! A new survey by Stockland shopping centers reveals that 54% of men and 36% of women are last minute shoppers. Other findings:- 25% of people complete their holiday shopping before December- 24% of people have bought Christmas presents and later forgotten where they hid them... women are nearly twice as likely to misplace gifts around the house.

- when it comes to parents, women are prepared to spend $40 more on the people, who raised them than men are

- one in seven have gone Christmas shopping and only bought gifts for themselves


Forgetting where you’ve hidden the presents (24%)

Buying a present for someone else and keeping it for yourself (22%)

Going Christmas shopping and only buying for yourself (16%t)

Leaving all of your shopping until Christmas Eve (15%)

Wrapping up something used from home to give as a present (10%)