There are implied warranties on all vehicles in WA ---attachment-dylan-ferreira-Ow4YpXB6UJc-unsplash
There are implied warranties on all vehicles in WA ---attachment-dylan-ferreira-Ow4YpXB6UJc-unsplash

The next time you're car shopping, and you're looking for something used that's affordable and in decent shape, the vehicle WILL have a warranty.

  Every vehicle in WA state has what's called an "implied warranty"

The Washington State Attorney General's office has issued information this week about vehicle warranties.

We all know the prices of used vehicles are climbing fast, because manufacturers are still digging out of the COVID-induced computer chip backlog-debacle.

A year ago, you could almost steal a pre-owned vehicle. But now, with demand catching up, used car prices are approaching those of low-end new vehicles.

"As is-no warranty"...hold on a minute

We've all seen these stickers in used cars. It simply means there's no more coverage to fix the engine, drive train, transmission, or other vehicle parts that are expected to last a long time.

But regardless of how 'old' a vehicle is, or how long it's been out of warranty, every car, truck, van, SUV, etc on a car lot carries what's called an "implied warranty."  According to the AG:

 " All used cars come with an “implied warranty” under state law, ensuring the car is safe to drive and free of major defects. Dealers cannot waive this warranty without a buyer’s knowledge and consent."

  " In Washington, all used cars must be sold with an “implied warranty of merchantability,” meaning the dealer must promise the used car will be fit for ordinary driving purposes, reasonably safe, without major defects, and of the average quality of similar cars available for sale in the same price range."

This is different from a 'coverage' warranty, but it means you can't buy a used vehicle and have it fall apart as soon as you get off the lot and you're stuck with it.

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AG Ferguson says nearly 400 complaints have been filed over the last 14 months about car dealers voiding this implied warranty without permission of the buyer. This amounts to 31 percent of all vehicle sale-related complaints.

The AG's office also said this:

  • "The use of an “as-is” sticker in the window of a car for sale does not circumvent your implied warranty rights."

So the next time you're out car shopping, remember...even if "as is-no warranty" is in the window, there is an implied warranty that the vehicle won't turn into a lemon as soon as you drive it off the lot.

For a complete look at implied warranties from the AG's office click here.

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