XXXX Gold Beer has acquired Pumpkin Island, a plot of land on the Great Barrier Reef.

The powers-that-be plan to rename the piece of land ‘XXXX Island’ and make it a resort for groups of guys to hang out and relax without women around. XXXX Island will be a place where dudes can go to have some quality, male bonding time and participate in manly things like fishing, beach cricket, swimming in the ocean and BBQing. Think of it as a floating man cave with $20 Pina Coladas. Not that men drink Pina Coladas because we don’t, unless no one is watching, then bring them on and double up on the adorable umbrellas!

The idea of a female-free zone seemed like a decent one for about 60 seconds. What happens when all the fun activities are over for the day and it’s time for some drinking after dinner? Are men just going to stand around and talk to each other all night? What is this college?!?

The island opens in October 2012, but not before the folks behind this endeavor poll Australians about what amenities they’d like to see offered on the island. We’re predicting that some might check “girls” off on the survey. Even so, the best replies will earn the respondent a free trip with three friends, according to this report.

Maybe it’s called ‘XXXX Island’ because a ton of porn is rented every night.

[Via Pumpkin Island]