Since the early part of this century, the envelope of Freestyle Motocross (FMX) has been pushed further than most would have ever imagined. With the introduction of a foam pit in practice sessions, riders are now able to practice and perfect tricks that were unimaginable 20 years ago. Now at professional FMX competitions a backflip is commonplace and practically a necessity if you want to place at all.

But even with all the new safety tools used to practice and perfect these wild and crazy tricks, there are still moments when even the most basic jump can go wrong...very wrong.

In the video below, Emma McFerran is seen hitting a 75 foot jump at an FMX event in Australia, a good sized jump that she has practiced and performed on for over a year. According to her website, Emma was entered into the Crusty Demon's FMX demos last month on very short notice and was not able to get her own bike to the event. Instead, she rode a brand new bike straight off the showroom floor. With the power of a brand new bike, along with a strong tail wind, Emma hit the take off ramp with far more speed than needed. She ends up flying high and well too far, overshooting her landing and brutally slamming into the tarmac with her front wheel buckling on impact and basically landing on her face.

I remember I didn't think I was going to be getting up after [crashing] … I thought I was going to be seriously injured, maybe even dead. - Emma McFerran

Incredibly Emma was not knocked unconscious and luckily only received minor injures. In fact, if the medics would have let her, she would have walked away on her own. Definition of tough...and lucky.

Emma was taken to the local hospital where she had full body X-Rays and scans done and was cleared with only a broken wrist, fractured ribs and punctured lung along with some minor bruising. She underwent surgery to her left wrist and spent the next 5 days in Hospital before flying home to Melbourne to be with her family.

After witnessing her take the heaviest hit I have ever seen. It is no doubt the scariest moment of my life. If she chooses to never ride again I would be more than happy with her decision. - Matty McFerran (brother)

The horrific crash hasn't deterred Emma, who has returned to her fitness training and waiting to fully heal up. As you can imagine, Emma is already counting down the days before getting back out on her bike, even more determined then ever!

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