With all of the news spreading about the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting domestic and international travel plans, this may not be the best time to bring up the fact that the REAL ID deadline is looming!

You need to make sure you get a REAL ID-compliant license/ID before October 1, 2020.

If you are 18 years of age or older, here's what you need to do in a nutshell: Get yourself a REAL ID-compliant ID license (Enhanced Driver's License/IDs are compliant) as soon as possible.

Don't feel bad if you haven't gotten around to getting your REAL ID license yet. Word on the street is that as of today, only one-third of Americans have one, which is why the Airports Council International of North America has issued an urgent call for the government to give out an extension on the October 1st deadline.

It is best to get one now to avoid future inconveniences. If this extension is not permitted, you will have to have a REAL ID-compliant license or ID to get in any federal property or fly on a domestic or international flight beginning in October.

This government rule will also impact your access to enter nuclear power plants, customs agencies, public works, vessels, property, installations, land, structures, and some post offices. Federal facilities that are on American Indian lands are also included in the REAL ID compliance rules.

The Enhanced Driver ID is $78 (available at your local Department of Motor Vehicles). Bring your Social Security Number card and two (2) proofs of residence*.

Good luck, and remember, the deadline to get your REAL ID compliance is October 1st!

*Proof of Current Residence includes passports but is not limited to the following: driver's license or ID, latest employer paystub, current vehicle registration, current utility bill with your name and address, recent business mail from local, state, or federal government agency, or a recent W-2 or 1099 tax form.

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