In the annals of dumb Internet history, failed firecracker launches from the butt are a staple. Thanks to an unfortunate decision by a man in Australia, there is a new example that can be entered into that storied lore. The guys had a good laugh this morning at this Aussie man’s expense. He ended up suffering severe burns in his nether regions after the ill-advised stunt went south.

While there are plenty of examples out there, there is no video online of this new one quite yet. This left the guys wondering what specific fireworks the guy tried to set off from his rear. “At least with the bottle rockets, there’s a chance of success,” said Free Beer.

At this point, the guys watched an old Internet video of a dude trying and failing to launch a bottle rocket. “Boy, did that thing stay right in his kiester,” said Zane.

Here’s the video of that old fireworks stunt: