Spanish police last month arrested a Colombian man who allegedly had a half-a-kilo of cocaine stashed under his toupee when he arrived in Barcelona on a flight from Colombia.

Barcelona (BCN) Airport
Barcelona (BCN) Airport

The accused mule caught the attention of investigators due to the towering nature of the wig sitting atop his head. His twitchy, fidgety and anxious behavior was the clincher for authorities. A subsequent search of the suspect yielded the cocaine, which was inside a plastic bag glued to his dome. Drug in a rug?

Cops said that the accused mule, who was not identified, arrived June 18 in Barcelona on a “hot flight” from Bogota, which they described as an incoming plane from a narcotics producing country.

“The ingenuity of drug traffickers has no limit when trying to circumvent the controls,” police said.

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