Jason Bateman's new film "Bad Words" comes out later this month and by the look of the trailer, it's going to be the "it" comedy of 2014. I'm predicting its popularity will be epic -- of the same caliber as "The Hangover."

It just may be Jason Bateman's crowning achievement. It's also his directorial debut!

It combines his soft, mature, adult side (which often finds itself victimized) and his sharp, angry, revenge side (which comes out when victimized). "Bad Words" is a revenge movie; instead of seeing Bateman pushed around until he's mad, the film begins with an angry Bateman who will be softened as it morphs into an unlikely buddy movie.

There will be plenty of scenes of an immature man teaching unwise life lessons to an impressionable young boy (Adam Sandler anybody?) but "Bad Words" has something Adam Sandler movies don't: bite.

According to RottenTomatoes.com the few dozen critics who have seen it already love it.