I've written several blogs about Aloe Blacc's song, "I'm the Man." It became famous for being the song in the Dr. Dre Beats headphones commercial. In the ad, Colin Kaepernick pulls up to the Seattle stadium in a team bus and is greeted by a mob of angry Seahawks fans shaking the bus, throwing bottles at it, lighting stuff on fire, peeing on it, etc. Then to block out the hate he puts on his Dre Beats headphones and listens to "I'm the Man." For months I hated the song -- with a passion. A rep. from his record company even called me asking if we'd play it on Hot 97.5 and I told him over my dead body.

But then I decided I liked it. Do you know why? Because now WE'RE "the man!" Lynch, Sherman and Russell are THE MAN! Kaepernick is licking his wounds and we are Super Bowl Champions!

In fact, do you know what would be totally awesome? If the 12th Man all pitched in and paid for a van to be decorated with Seahawks colors and logos then have someone drive it around San Francisco BLARING -- as loud as is legally allowed -- Aloe Blacc's "The Man" for TWO WEEKS before the start of the season!

Last season we payed for a plane to fly a 12th Man banner over their stadium. Then they bought billboards in Seattle. I think this year we need a "12th Man I am the Man Van"!