Badger Mountain

Badger Mountain is an area landmark for hikers, joggers and mountain bikers. This weekend might be a little more packed because of an annual event called the Badger Mountain Challenge taking place March 30-31. The Badger Mountain Challenge has three different levels of intensity with a 100 miler and a 50K to an easier 15K event (not sure if you sense the sarcasm). I have the utmost respect for those that go the distance and take the challenge. Good luck to everyone who's participating in this weekend's event.

If you would like to find out more about Badger Mountain, check out a website specifically focused on the Friends of Badger (please note this website has nothing to do with the Honey Badger).

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I asked friends if they could describe Badger Mountain in one word -- what word would they choose to use for this hill in our backyard?







So if you've ever wondered what it's like to climb Badger Mountain, take a quote from of all of these people who have taken the challenge. I see a Rock N Roll Badger Climb event in the future -- what do you think?

Thanks to Kacey Cavanuagh who sent me this picture of her at the top. My one-word quote for this picture is "ACCOMPLISHMENT!"