On the heels of his interesting Rocket Rebel Attack video a couple weeks ago along with a number of installations all over New York City this month, Banksy pulled off an awesome stunt this weekend.

The world famous street artist set up a pop up booth in Central Park where an older gentleman was selling 'spray art'. Normally an original Banksy would go for thousands of dollars, but these unsigned pieces were only $60. A steal...if you knew what they were. The booth was completely unmarked and the paintings unsigned which caused people to simply stroll by without looking twice. The booth sits open for business for hours and only receives a total of three customers. With so many replicating Banksy's art and selling them cheap online, it doesn't surprise me that most people strolled right past.

What do you think: Does this video show that Banksy's art isn't actually all that good or that the name of the artist is not as important as the actual art itself?