Here at 97 Rock, we are firm believers in safe party habits. The new year is upon us, as well as the party to go with it. Naturally, you're going to want to go out and have some fun. A few beers with the guys or, a few drinks with the girls is always fun. We just want to make sure you get home safely this New Year. Also, a quick reminder to everyone: the state of Washington is cracking down hard on drunk driving. For a quick review of the law and the penalties given by the state of Washington, click here. Here's an easy solution for getting home after the big night out: take a cab! We've compiled a list of taxi services in the Tri-Cities to help you out.

  • Rad Cab (509)-585-2944 (accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express)
  • Tri-City Taxi (509)-416-2517
  • Orange Cab (509)-783-5034
  • On Time Taxi (509)-388-4934
  • Amigo Tax(509)440-8580

Be safe this New Year and keep on rockin'!



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