I remember when I took a taxicab for the first time. I was in Salt Lake City and it freaked me out. I believe that I was 13 and with my mom and dad, so I was safe, but it was crazy as heck. Lots has changed with taxi service since then -- thanks in large part to Uber, which gives anyone the chance to be a cabbie with their own car or truck. My friend takes Uber in Seattle all the time and says it is really good. Very safe and when the drivers show up, they are usually very respectful and nice.

When you become an Uber driver you go through a little bit of a background check. They do keep records on you so you and the passenger can feel safe.

This might be a good idea for someone who needs a little extra cash or for someone who is really bored.

I have never taken an Uber ride, though. Maybe I need to try it.  I downloaded the app and did a search. It looks very easy and there are quite a few Uber drivers between Tri-Cities and Yakima.

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