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Officials say the homeowner was able to safely escape, but the suspect (burglar?) is quite possibly still inside home.

As of just prior to 8AM Thursday morning, Benton County Deputies were on location at a home in Benton City.

It's in the 1300 block of Karen Ave., where the resident had called authorities around 3AM.   Officials say the person reported someone was attempting entry into their home, and apparently had gained access. The location is just a few hundred feet east of the Ki-Be Market.

It appears the person was trying to perform a burglary, possibly not knowing someone was home. According to the Benton County Sheriff's Department, the Tri City SWAT Team was dispatched and is still on location; they believe the intruder is still inside.

No other details were made available, Deputies didn't say if they believe they know where the person might be specifically hiding.

More information expected to be coming.


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