Deputy Leingang of the Benton County Sheriff's Department probably at least rolled his eyes when this call came in.

Sunday, during the peak of the 65 mph plus wind gusts and massive dirt storm, he was called to the Horse Heaven Hills area about an auto collision.

Fortunately, according to the Sheriff's Department, no one was injured, but Deputy Leingang can't say the same for himself or his cruiser. He's pictured here after returning to the Sheriff's office, covered in dust. The interior of his unit will likely require a full cleaning; not to mention all the digital and electronic equipment.


Oh, and better check the engine and cabin air filters...they're probably clogged too.

According to various weather reporting agencies, from Baker Oregon to Yakima and even up to Ritzville, we sustained gusts of anywhere from 54 to 68 miles per hour. That, plus sustained or constant winds between 20-25 and 40, we got battered pretty good.

It's also been reported weather officials say wind speed equipment near the top or upper part of Mt. Ranier recorded a one time maximum wind gust of 143 miles per hour during the Sunday storm.  Wow!

It was February 2020, according to the National Weather Service, when we had a similar storm that produced a maximum wind gust in the Mid Columbia of 74 miles per hour.  According to the highest gust ever recorded in Kennewick (they didn't say the year) was in January, 72 miles per hour.

Here's hoping things will settle down for a little while!

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