Day before yesterday I got some ink with my daughter.

My daughter Bret and I got matching sun tattoos when she went off to college years ago and I have been planning on getting a matching moon tattoo with my younger daughter, Kamrace.

I just wasn't sure where to go, so I reached out to social media for advice. I got many suggestions in favor of FTA Tattoo Company in Richland.

So Kamrace and I went. We did not have an appointment but we decided to try our luck at getting in for TWO tattoos and boy did we luck out!! We came unprepared with no appointment and met Matt. Matt whipped it out!! Matt took an idea of a moon and drew us both our tattoos within minutes! I truly could not be more pleased with my entire experience and I love my little moon tattoo!

The shop is owned by Dayton Sawyer, who is also a spectacular Tattoo artist. Next time you decide you need some ink therapy If you check out FTA Tattoo Company be sure and tell them Janis sent you. This is not a paid advertisement, this is solely based on personal experience.