We asked you to share your tattoo story for a chance at tickets for the 2014 Tattoo Convention at the Three Rivers Convention Center. We had some great responses, but these are our winners!
Congrats, and thanks for your submissions!

Zak Smith

Zak Smith: The tattoo is a portrait of my sons feet on the day he was born and his birth name, family is important to me and this was my way of keeping my family close to me. Tim did an amazing job and i get a lot of compliments on how realistic the feet look. Work by Tim Flannigan at Parkway Tattoo.

Malia Burrows

Malia Burrows: The meaning behind this tattoo has much more meaning then any other tattoo I have on my body.. I lost a child at 13 weeks due to a miscarriage, and a month later I lost my loyal companion Marcalene, my two year old furry child. She helped me through my loss, and after loosing her shortly afterwards I felt like my life couldn't get any worse.. But eventually, things started to look up, and they always do. This tattoo reminds me that time heals everything, and it does. Many things have happened since then, and things always get better & I live life with a positive outlook since then.
Work done by Jasmine McCollum.