One of my favorite things to do in this world besides hanging out with my family and drinking beer is camping. Fortunately, we can do all three at the same time. One of the best places to do all of this at is the amazing Mount Rainier! There are places already open on Mount Rainier and through out the year. If you need something to do this weekend, this is the trip.

Mount Rainier is such a site to see while you are driving but, have you ever been close to it and actually taken in it's natural beauty and mystery?

This would be an excellent trip for you and your family.

Things to see at Mount Rainier

- The Longmire Museum

The Longmire Museum is open daily year around. With Mount Rainier National Park opening in 1899, Longmire became the park headquarters. They have exhibits, information and books sales.

- Paradise

Paradise is the valley by Mount Rainier. It has such natural beauty that you will want to hike there for hours. James Lonmires daughter in law Martha first saw it she screamed out  "Oh, what a paradise!"

- Ohanapecosh

Ohanapecosh is named after Taidnapam Indian habitation site that is along the river. They say that it means 'Standing at the edge.' Pretty cool and when you get there you will understand what they mean. It is a very old highly grown area.

- Carbon River

The Carbon River is amazing to just stand and watch. It got it's name from the coal deposits that was found near it.

 - Mowich Lake

Mowich lake is the largest and deepest lake on Mount Rainier.  The road going to it after the first three miles is dirt so it tends to be a little rough. Once you get there, it is spectacular.

Places to stay on and near Mount Rainier.

National Park Inn and Paradise Inn are located in the park.

- National Park Inn

This is located near the Longmire historic district on Mount Rainier. This is open year round and has 25 guest rooms.

- Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn has kept it's old fashioned and very rustic look over the years. It kind of makes you feel like you lived there in the olden days. Fun to visit.

Below is lodging outside of Mount Rainier Park.

- Mount Rainier Visitor's Association

They have everything from minimal camping to Jacuzzi's. This is a excellent place to stay when you visit Mount Rainier.

- Mineral Lake

Lodging, dinning and activities are near the Southwest corner of the park. So much fun to be there.

- Stay Rainier

This is a fun place to lodge and is just outside of the park.

- Visit Rainier

There is lodging all around the outside of the park. This is a site to help you find lodging.

- Destination Packwood

There is a ton of stuff to see in Packwood and it is just outside of the park. Lot's of place to lodge for your trip to Mount Rainier.

Wilderness camping and hiking is good for everyone, even if you only do it during the day. You do not need a permit at Mount Rainier if you only go for the day. If you go for the camping you will need to get a pass for over night. You can get these at any store that sells hunting, camping and fishing equipment.

Have fun and enjoy your trip!