The point of a cover song is to pay homage to an artist who inspired you in some way or another. Some musicians try to make their rendition close to the original, whereas others make them sound and feel completely unique.

The most exciting part about Halloween is getting to dress up as someone — or something — else. In that way, the idea of cover songs is kind of similar to dressing up for Halloween. So, in celebration of spooky season, Loudwire Nights is hosting a Masquerade Ball radio special, and we want to know which rock and metal cover song you think is the best.

There are tons of covers of rock and metal songs out there, but for the sake of keeping the Masquerade Ball close to home, we picked some of the most popular bands and covers that have been done over the years. Some are really old, some are new and others you may not have even realized were covers at all.

Head below to pick your favorite rock and metal cover song, and tune into Loudwire Nights on Oct. 29 for the Masquerade Ball, where tons of covers will be played and the most popular choice will be revealed. Happy voting and happy Rocktober!

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The 40 Best Cover Songs by Rock Bands

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