The last day of school is soon approaching and hundreds of young people of all ages are going to be looking for work. The job market hasn't been great for adults, so teens and college kids will be in a pinch to find work. There are a few kinds of businesses that seem to be always be hiring in summer. If you know someone who works in these industries, it's almost a guarantee they can get you a job. Remember, emailing a resume doesn't work. Calling on the phone doesn't work. Show up in person and ask to speak to the manager. It's scary, but it's the only thing that works. Having a friend who already works there vouch for you is the most effective.


A nursery is a great place to work, you can catch the sun, and work a substantial amount of hours. Nurseries are in demand this time of year, and provide solid pay.

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Lawn Services

More fun in the sun. If you gather enough clients, you'll be keeping yourself busy all summer long.

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The Tri-Cities has a ton of orchards, namely in Pasco and Benton City. Hired help is always in demand.

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Car Dealership

How else do those cars stay shiny and new? Working on the lot of a car dealership could be a great opportunity, there's always room to move up.

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Car Wash

It's not fun work, but it's steady. There are plenty of great songs with lyrics about the car wash that can run through your head while you dry that bumper.

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