We've all got the call and the robocalls are getting out of hand but one call that could fool you is when the police call. It seems there is a scam going around concerning a "Sgt. Swanson" of the Richland Police Department. Please don't fall for it.

It's another case of someone trying to get your personal information and take you for all that you are worth - don't let it happen to you - here is what you need to know about this scam.

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According to a posting by the Richland Police Department, here is what is going on with "Sgt. Swanson"

It's not us! We have received a couple of calls that Sgt. Swanson is calling about missed court dates. We will not call about missed court dates. Please do not give your personal information out to anyone that calls and requests it.

If you are unsure whether or not it is an officer that has called you, you can call non-emergency to verify if an officer is attempting to contact you. 509-628-0333 Non-Emergency.

It's another scam that's easy to fall for. It's also that time of year with the better weather that scammers will be calling and trying to get your money. The IRS also warns that they'll never call or text you. If you get a supposed call from any government agency, always call or go to their official website - don't ever go through links that are sent to you, they'll be fake and they'll grab your information - the best way to beat a scam is NEVER give out your social security number to ANYONE.

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