Hey there, to be fair, you might not care, but there's a new WEARABLE CHAIR that I double-dog dare you to bear, but beware and be prepared for stares.

Soon, you will be able to purchase something called the LEX chair.  It straps to your legs and butt and automatically folds out when you go to sit. You can preorder one for $400, and they ship in December.

The LEX website paints a utopia where you sit down anywhere, whenever you want.
Hiking? Wear it and you can stop for a breather with minimal fuss. Your commute? Guaranteed a seat at the platform you will be. It will stop you crouching down uncomfortably during do-it-yourself projects.
Moreover, the LEX is a nifty posture-correction tool. Used standing up or sitting down, it’s "in essence an exoskeleton that helps to keep your back in good alignment whether you’re sitting or standing."
It even comes with something called a “load distribution module”, a little platform that you can rest your backpack on as you wear it, significantly lowering the burden on your spine.
Not sure if I could get past the "that sure looks stupid" stigma some will surely lob your way if you choose to indulge.


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