I believe the American people are at the crossroads of policing expectations. Consensus on what future law enforcement looks like and when the modification of some police procedures will take place, if any are adopted at all, seems impossible moving forward.

I believe I know where I would like to start with what I want in an officer.

I want an officer who notices an individual struggling, one who appears to be in need of assistance, who reaches out to the individual to provide a helping hand if possible. I want an officer, who after making contact with the person, takes mercy on a male who has walked and/or hitchhiked over 100 miles, has somehow found his way to Kennewick, and is suffering from wounded feet and mental health concerns.

I want an officer who immediately utilizes the KPD Foundation Community Care Fund set up to provide aid in just such a situation, getting the man a hotel room, food and first-aid for his mangled feet.

I want an officer who contacts Lourdes Counseling Center to arrange an appointment for the man and an officer who alerts his co-workers to please follow up in this case when they come on shift.

I want an officer who, the next day, after the man he helped was cleared physically and had an appointment set up with a mental health provider, transported that man to his appointment.

I want to recognize the officer that did all of the above:

KPD Sgt. Joe Jackson

Thank you.

Early Friday morning Sgt. Jackson was fueling his patrol car when he noticed a male who appeared to need assistance. Sgt. Jackson contacted the male and discovered the male was suffering from mental health concerns and had walked/hitch hiked over 100 miles to Kennewick, causing wounds to his feet. Sgt. Jackson was able to use the KPD Foundation Community Care Fund to provide the male with a hotel room, food and first-aid items for his feet. Sgt Jackson then contacted our partners at Lourdes Counseling Center to arrange an appointment for the male and communicated for day shift for additional follow-up.

The next morning the male was recontacted by day shift and a mental health provider who was able to get him into a treatment facility. After getting the male treatment for his physical health at a local medical facility the officer transported him to a local mental health facility to get the help he needed for this mental health.


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