Billie Joe Armstrong may still be in rehab, but thanks to the magic of pre-taped television, the Green Day singer begins his previously announced run as a mentor for Team Christina on 'The Voice' tonight (Oct. 8) at 8PM ET. Signing up to advise 'Voice' coach Christina Aguilera on the reality singing competition show may not have been an obvious move, but Armstrong insists it works.

"I think it's going really good," he tells 'Voice' social media correspondent Christina Milian in a promotional video for the show. "I think we're a good pairing, and it's been great." Armstrong definitely seems excited to share his unconventional influences with the young singers vying for stardom through the hit NBC show.

"It's not the usual suspects that might be on the show; I mean there's voices I liked, anywhere from Paul Westerberg, Bob Mould and Johnny Rotten and people like that," he says when asked about the singers who inspired him, half-smirking in the process as he realizes that Milian probably is not the least bit familiar with the Replacements leader, the Sugar frontman or the Sex Pistols icon. "It's kinda the non-singer singers -- maybe a little Bob Dylan -- it's mostly people that deliver a statement more than do a vocal performance."

We're not quite sure how a so-called "statement" will go down on a show that mostly favors the "vocal performance," but if nothing else, Billie Joe seems lucid in the promo video, so we expect his advice to at least be sincere, if not especially valuable in terms of helping someone win the show. Then again, Armstrong has sold millions of records, so who are we to say his tips won't prove worthwhile?