97 Rock and TRAC welcomed four great bands and a slew of new people to TRAC on Saturday night for the 5th Annual 97 Rocktoberfest event. Check out some great pics from Jimmy Taylor of Distorted Lens Photography and some not so great photos from me.

Nasty Jack kicked off the event with a bigger than average crowd enjoy Happy Hour with half priced beer and wine. Then 3rd Date showcased their talents on the Rocktoberfest stage and the crowd grew. Eclectic Approach then stepped up to the stage with a warm welcome from their fans after playing the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show on Monday night. Finally it was time for our headliners, Hell's Belles and they were amazing as always.

We hoped you all enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed getting ready for it, and all we can say is let's get ready to ROCK in 2014!!

Thanks again to 97 Rock's official volunteer photographer Jimmy Taylor from Distorted Lens Photography for some amazing shots from Saturday nights event.