A Cle Elum girl got the surprise of her life on her birthday when the community stepped up after her classmates didn't show up for her party.

I've been there, I once invited a bunch of kids to my Birthday party when I was 8 and had no one show up.

I realized that we lived 30 miles out of town from the school I attended so it made sense but for some kids it can be heart breaking when you invite classmates and they don't show.

6 year old Madison of Cle Elum was devastated when her classmates didn't show up to her birthday but luckily Grandpa took to social media for help in turning Madison's frown upside down.

The word quickly got out and suddenly a fire truck appeared at her house and the Cle Elum Firefighters threw Madison an impromptu birthday party complete with cake and a ride in the fire truck.

You can check out more about Madison below

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