Extreme sports athletes have used GoPro cameras to take us along on their wild rides that we wouldn't normally get to experience through our own eyes. One of the miniature high definition cameras was even strapped to the back of an eagle a couple weeks ago to give you the feeling of flying hundreds of feet over the earth! Now, GoPro has released a video showing a more practical and everyday use for their HD cams.

Fireman Cory Kalanick from Fresno, CA used his GoPro while out on duty. The footage shows Kalanick and his fellow firefighters walking through a house after a fire has been contained, checking each room to make sure everyone has gotten. As he walked into a bedroom he found a small kitten, left for dead in a smoke filled room. Kalanick picks up the feline and heads outside to bring the little guy, simply known as 'Lucky', back to life.

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