Twitter — it’s not just for 140 character messages anymore. When it comes to Blur, it’s a place to perform two new songs. The Brit rockers will deliver live renditions of both ‘The Puritan’ and ‘Under the Westway’ for the first time on Monday, July 2, from a rooftop at an undisclosed London location. The performance will stream to the band’s Twitter feed. Can we get a ‘woo-hoo’?

A new teaser video, which features scenes from what appears to be London, is narrated by bassist Alex James. He reveals, “We will performing both news songs for the first time on Twitter” and that “this is the first time anything like that has happened.”

The songs were specifically penned for the band’s Hyde Park show on Aug. 12, which coincides with the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. James describes ‘The Puritan’ as a “bouncy, up and at ‘em singalong,” while ‘Under the Westway’ is “more of a hymn. But they are both well done.”

The performance of ‘Under the Westway’ is scheduled to air at 6:15PM British time, with ‘The Puritan’ following at 7:15PM BST. A 7-inch featuring the tracks — limited edition, of course — is set for release on Aug. 6.

Blur’s twitter feed is here — make sure you follow them so you can watch.

Watch Blur’s Twitter Performance Teaser