Two King County sheriff's deputies could be fired after an internal investigation by the sheriff's office revealed they lied about a bus driver using profanity towards them.

During a confrontation last year, the deputies allege that Kelvin Kirkpatrick yelled “You got three f***ing deputies out here that don’t do nothing.” A video from Kirkpatrick's personal body cam reveals he did not swear at the officers,  but rather exclaimed, “I’m expressing how frustrated I am at the fact that I got three deputies that don’t do anything when I need help!”


King County Sheriff John Urquhart said yesterday that a decision will be made next week whether or not to fire Sgt. Lou Caballero and Deputy Amy Shoblom. Sheriff Urquhart said Kirkpatrick's use of a camera was legal, saying, “That’s black-letter law." He also said without the camera, it would have been the driver's word against the two deputies', and that favor would likely be theirs.

Kirkpatrick had previously complained that Caballero had not been doing enough to ensure security of bus drivers during late-night shifts.

Kirkpatrick says he has been wearing the camera for protection in case the Metro Transit's camera system failed, but the Seattle Times reports that
Metro Transit spokesman Jeff Switzer said "the incident prompted the agency to send a bulletin to all drivers clarifying they were not to wear personal body cameras while working."

So, this is where it gets funny. The camera Kirkpatrick was wearing clears him of wrong-doing, clears the Metro from bad PR, but they are still against its use?

[SOURCE: Seattle Times]