This is an awesome thing happening today with the Richland Parks and Recreation. They are giving away family fun activity boxes called "Bored In A Box" and you can grab your free one today!

Here is what the Richland Parks and Recreation posted on their Facebook page about the event:

Richland Recreation is dropping a new curbside pick-up program! We are giving away FREE family fun activity boxes!

Come pick up your FREE "Bored in a Box" at the Richland Community Center today between 9-10 am or noon-1pm!

Boxes are filled with activities for your kids.
- Vehicle drive-up only (for now)!
- One (1) box per vehicle.
- No holds or pickups for other vehicles.
- Supplies are limited! First Come, First Serve!
- Keep watching our Facebook Page for other dates and locations for future Bored in a Box drops! We've got some exciting and surprising activity boxes planned!

It's also advised to use the entrance by Roasters Coffee. Amon Park Drive is closed from Lee Blvd to the Community Center Parking lot.

I think this is an awesome thing to keep the kids busy and what a nice way to shake-up a boring day. You can get more details on the "Bored in a Box" giveaway here.

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