We've all been there,walking around, see a sign that says free. We think, "Hey, if it's free it's me!" So you take it home, then you realize that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Your significant other gets mad at you for bringing home more junk. Maybe you already had that item, now you have two of them. It's actually broken. Maybe that free chair has bedbugs and now your infested... or WORSE! Well, the story you're about to read, might just make you start looking a "gift horse in the mouth".

In Copiah County, Mississippi, two men came upon a car that had a sign in the window. The sign simply said "free car" and the keys were in the ignition. The car being in front of a junk yard, that is known to buy and sell cars, didn't think too much from it, so hopped in and drove it home. Once they got it home, they did the thing you do with a new vehicle, give it another look over. When they got to the trunk, they got more than expected. A nude dead body!

According to reports, the man was identified as 34-year-old Anthony Mccrillis. He was identified by his tattoos and immediate family & had last been seen on home video surveillance on Friday, September 17th. Authorities are still trying to piece together the crime, since the car had been seen through out Copiah County & Byram city. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed, but there was no physical signs of trauma to Mccrillis's body.

Remember this tale before you take the next "free" thing you find!


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