Free Beer and the guys watched a video of Boston Red Sox announcers Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy talkin’ a little Star Wars. In the clip, Orsillo is goofing around with a lightsaber for some reason. How or why this Jedi tool materialized in the booth remains a mystery. Maybe it was Star Wars day at Fenway?

Hot Wings was amused by the clip, saying that he “likes when [the announcers] just stop watching the game.” You have to give credit to Orsillo and Remy, though, as they immediately transitioned into a call for a Cody Ross homer.

Free Beer had a theory that if the audio was censored the right way, the “lightsaber exchange” would end up sounding much dirtier, like something from Jimmy Kimmel’s great Unnecessary Censorship bits.

Producer Joe had a version ready to go that the guys listened to. We think it was pretty much a no-brainer to go this route, especially when you have audio of Jerry Remy saying, “I think it gets bigger than that, doesn’t it?”

The force is clearly not strong with these two:

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