Tati Neves, the woman who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in Brazil, is being called a lot of things: a prostitute, a voyeur, an opportunist, untrustworthy. We propose another one: MARRIED!

The rumor is she's a prostitute hired by Bieber after he visited a brothel. Perez Hilton acknowledges it's only a rumor and no one has confirmed anything. Justin Bieber's image factory is denying everything saying she was just a guest in the house.

The 26-year-old pin-up model has a profile page on a website for aspiring models. Along with several skimpy bikini picks her profile also says she aspires to be a missionary -- truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

In the final seconds of the 15-second video loaded to Youtube this morning Tita clearly flashes a large ring on her wedding finger (and middle finger).

According to several articles about Brazilian culture, the left hand ring finger is reserved for wedding rings.

Maybe the practice isn't as strictly followed as in the U.S.? One expert says Brazil has a "very strong" ring culture with special traditions for both engagement and marriage.


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