Growing up is tough. You lose contact with your school friends, through no fault of anyone but time itself. We get busy writing new chapters of our lives. In the back of your mind, people creep back up. You smile when you think of them and hope they're doing well. Then one day, you learn that they died.

Photo by Daniel Ruiz (to the right of Caleb Carias-Jurado)
Photo by Daniel Ruiz (to the right of Caleb Carias-Jurado)

Caleb Carias-Jurado was my friend. Growing up, we attended a private Christian school in Pasco. I actually knew Caleb's brother before I met Caleb, even though Caleb was my age. Our private school was small despite being Kindergarten through grade 10. Arbens was hilarious and had an infectious and boisterous personality. When I met Caleb, I couldn't help but notice his much more reserved demeanor. Throughout my ninth grade year, he became one of the people I hung out with most in school. Caleb was special in the way that he made you feel like the only person in the world. He was an excellent listener and he cared very much for his friends. Caleb, Dani Ruiz, and I had a lot of fun together in ninth grade.

After ninth grade, I transferred to Southridge High School. Regrettably, I distanced myself from my church school friends as I tried to integrate myself into public school and what I saw as a fresh start for myself. Dani would go on to lead a very interesting life that sees him as a freshly-minted dual citizen who fights fires in Wyoming. Caleb was in Washington still for a while until he moved to California. I spoke with him occasionally, making the empty promise to hang out with him again soon. We never did. I hate how death brings people back together.

Caleb Carias-Jurado died at the age of 29 while riding his Harley Davidson near Fresno, California on September 16th. I wanted to memorialize him here because I want him to be remembered. Caleb was a good friend to me, a good friend to Dani, a good brother to Arbens, and a good son to his family.

Larga vida a tu memoria, Caleb.

Caleb Carias-Jurado

(Janurary 15, 1993 - September 16, 2022)

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