Camila Alves made news over the Christmas holiday after getting engaged to long-time boyfriend Matthew McConaughey. The pair have two children together and decided to make the union official. According to sources, the two lovebirds have been inseparable since they started dating in 2006, “with Alves being seen at McConaughey’s side as he filmed ‘Fools Gold’ in Australia and ‘Surfer Dude’ in the Bahamas.” And she still married him after watching those two flicks? What a keeper!

Camila is our crush today for coming to this country with next to nothing and making a name for herself as a model, TV host and soon-to-be wife to the wealthiest dirty hippy in the world.

Alves came to America at the age of fifteen to visit her aunt and never left. After working for four years as a housecleaner and waitress, she decided to make the United States her home permanent home. We imagine all her past jobs make her the perfect wife for McConaughey. The dude looks like he cleans up or cooks about as often as he showers or brushes the small countries out of his hair.

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