A 28-year-old man who is in custody after a wild car chase and pursuit is the same man connected to the fatal shooting of a victim near Eltopia.

Kennewick Police and Franklin County Deputies say Marco Lambero, 28, was the fugitive sought by US Marshals, and Deputies. He was the one apprehended in Kennewick Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities say Reynaldo Rodriguez-Hernandez, 19, was found dead, wrapped in a tarp April 4 at a home near Eltopia.  He had been reportedly been shot in the head several times.

Authorities who questioned a person 'close' to the incident said that person told him Lambero reported spoke that he had "smoked" someone, referring to the shooting.

Lambero led authorities on a chase through Kennewick, then a brief standoff at a home near Kellogg and Clearwater. He's now in custody in the Franklin County jail. Officials believe at least two people were involved in the fatal shooting, which they say took place in a storeroom at the home in North Franklin County.

The suspect is seen being cuffed by officers in this photo, courtesy of KEPR-TV.

Franklin County murder suspect (KEPR TV)
Franklin County murder suspect (KEPR TV)

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